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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

No Sony PSN Service Anytime Soon, Says Latest Update

Sony has posted another update saying it won’t be able to restore PSN within the week as the company had hoped.

Verizon to Warn Cellphone Buyers on Tracking Data

Verizon will put a peel-off sticker on the screen of cellphones and also advise users to be careful which apps they install if they wish to avoid location information being shared with third parties.

PlayStation Network Users Reporting Credit Card Fraud

PSN boasts 77 million users worldwide and not all of them have registered card details on the free service so it's hard to know whether the frauds are anything other than coincidental.

Amazon Comes Clean About the Great Cloud Outage

What Caused Amazon's Great Cloud Outage

VMware Buys Another Slice of the Cloud With SlideRocket

VMware has purchased online presentations suite SlideRocket and staked a claim on the end-user productivity cloud marketplace.

Mobile Ads Are Extraordinarily Effective, Says Google

The smartphone revolution has bred a new type of savvy purchaser that responds to mobile advertising, Google says in a new survey.

Dropbox: A File Sharer's Dream Tool?

Hackers have found a way to make Dropbox offer a BitTorrent-like file sharing service, but Dropbox management is not happy.

Android Malware Sees Explosive Growth

Security outfit Kaspersky spotted over 70 different types of Android malware last month, compared with just two in September 2010. Is Google doing enough to protect Android users?

New iPhone 5 Mockup Is Ultra Sexy

In lieu of announcements, imagination provides a view of the next iPhone and all its charms.

Sony Makes it Official: PlayStation Network Hacked

Sony has confirmed that it took its PlayStation Network and Qriocity service offline to recover from a hack attack

Thanks, Amazon: The Cloud Crash Reveals Your Importance

Amazon's Cloud Crash Highlights Its Dominance

Five Website Blunders That Need to Die

Here are five Website error messages or behaviors that are getting old fast, along with instructions on how to make things better for your users.

Is Smartphone Security Good Enough?

Michigan State Police are alleged to be using forensic phone cloning devices in minor offense investigations. Are handset manufacturers doing enough to protect our data?

Office 365: Not for Smaller Businesses

Office 365 makes an attractive cloud office work proposition, but fails to unseat Google Apps for smaller businesses.

NFC Payments Appear Too Slow for the Real World

Oracle has tested near-field communications (NFC) in a lab and found that it's not exactly the 'tap and go' solution everybody anticipates.