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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

Five Tablet Computer Myths, Busted Open

A new survey by Google challenges these commonly-held assumptions about tablet computers.

Microsoft Demos IE10 on ARM, and It Looks Good

Microsoft has given a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it demonstration of Internet Explorer running on an ARM computer, and thereby given a glimpse into a possible future.

Dot-Com Domains Still Lack DNSSEC Security

The new security extensions for DNS were enabled on the .com domain, but not one of the world’s 100 most popular sites has yet made the upgrade.

Facebook Shares Green Data Center Designs But Keeps x86

Facebook has ‘open sourced’ the design for its energy-efficient data centers but has yet to switch to low-powered mobile tech chips, as has been suggested.

Dropbox: Insecure by Design?

A security researcher has revealed that it’s easy for non-authorized computers to access a user’s files. But is this anything to worry about?

HTTPS Is Under Attack Again

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has shown that SSL certificates are being issued without checks, which calls into question fundamental Internet security.

Gmail Receives Some Love, Becomes Less Annoying

Gmail engineers have been hard at work making small tweaks to Gmail that have eradicated some annoyances that have been around for years.

Google Chrome Browser Will Block Dangerous Downloads

Forthcoming releases of Google’s Chrome browser will block malicious downloads, but it's still arguably not as well-protected as Internet Explorer.

Google Fights to Make HTTPS Safe

A recent series of hack attacks has raised the prospect that HTTPS--used to protect online banking transactions--might no longer be safe, but Google’s fighting back.

Are You Ready for the Net’s Biggest Security Upgrade?

On March 31, DNSSEC was activated for the .com top-level domain. Websites and businesses should upgrade to make use of it.

Happy World Backup Day

Today’s the first World Backup Day, and it’s an excellent time to put into place backup plans for your data, if you haven’t already.

Choosing Cloud Backup For PCs

Storing your data off-site is essential in case of theft or other disaster, but there’s a bewildering amount of choices.

Music Service Accidentally Displays Malware-Riddled Ads

European music streaming service Spotify accidentally blasted its users with malware within ads. Here’s how to stop it happening to you.

American Express Takes On PayPal in Online Payments War

American Express is directly challenging PayPal’s virtual monopoly in online payments with its new Serve offering.

Google Docs Spreadsheets Get More Sophisticated

Google Docs now has a data filtering function and better graphing, pushing it closer to making Microsoft Office redundant.