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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

How to Browse Privately on Public Wi-Fi for Free

With a handful of free software tools, you can fight off snoopers when using public Wi-Fi. Here's how, step by step.

The Future of Server Computing Is Low Power

An innovative server from a Silicon Valley startup uses cell phone chips to produce a low-power server.

Apple Should Be the Savior of Cloud Computing

Apple’s newest OS appears largely to bypass the cloud, which is a shame. The world needs Apple to show us how to tackle the cloud properly.

Chrome Browser Acts More Like an OS, But Security Is Unclear

Chrome Browser Looks More and More Like an OS, But Security Is Unclear

10 Cool Things Virtualization Lets You Do

If you haven’t tried virtualization yet--or don't even know what it means--it’s about time you did. Here are 10 reasons to tempt you into the virtualization waters.

Farewell, Blogs! Your Days Are Numbered

Farewell to Blogs: Death in the Afternoon (Sorry, Hemingway)

Did Acer Accidentally Invent the Cloud Workstation?

Acer has announced an intriguing new product that’s mostly a monitor with a little bit of computer added on. Devices like this could be the future of cloud computing.

4 Powerful and Free Firefox Extensions For Business

Make your business work smarter with these free add-ons for the popular Firefox Web browser.

Stanford Researchers Double Wireless Networking Speeds

A new invention by Standard University researchers could lead to a doubling of wireless networking speeds without the need for extra frequencies.

Amazon S3 Offers Complete Website Hosting

The Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) now allows complete Web hosting, but is it better and cheaper than standard hosting providers?

No Windows Phones Until 2012, Says Nokia Chairman

Nokia’s board chairman, Jorma Ollila, has suggested that there’ll be no Windows phones until 2012.

Government Employs Hackers in Brave New Scheme

The Department of Defense will employ hackers under a brave new scheme pioneered by a hacker gone straight, but will it work?


Run Google Docs, Gmail, and more in an application window.

High Prices Threaten to Kill Tablet Adoption

With the Motorola Xoom rumored to cost $1199, a high-price niche could turn people away from tablet computing.

As 4G Takes Off, Can You Hear the Flight Attendant Now?

The Flight Attendant May Be Right: Future Phones Could Disrupt Planes