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Keir has edited several PC and Linux magazines but these days prefers to write about Macs, iPads and iPhones. He's the author of several books, including two editions of Mac Kung Fu and also iPad and iPhone Kung Fu.

Fix Google Docs Annoyances With Free Software

Having to access Google Docs through a browser is perhaps one of the most annoying features of an otherwise excellent cloud office suite. However, two free apps take away a lot of the pain.

Password Reuse Is All Too Common, Research Shows

By analyzing stolen user name and password details, researchers have discovered that people commonly use the same passwords on various Web sites, leaving them wide open to hack attacks.

Google Docs Secrets: 21 Power Tips for the Productivity Suite

Google Docs has become a serious contender among office productivity tools, and it keeps getting better. These 21 quick tips uncover hidden, useful features to help you get more done with the Web-based suite.

Intel Knowingly Sells Faulty Chipsets. Are They Crazy?

Intel is selling the flawed chipsets for its latest processors to vendors, although with conditions attached.

Texas Instruments Forks Lightning With New Tablet Processor

Texas Instrument's new OMAP 5 series of chips offer astonishing performance and may well revolutionize tablet computing.

The Internet As We Know It Is Under Attack

Two recent developments have shown how the Internet is creaking at the seams with old age, but new developments might destroy the Net as we know it.

What Cloud Computing Means For the Real World

IT executives fear security problems, but from almost every other perspective, including that of end-users, cloud computing makes a lot of sense.

How Digital Rights Management Could Ensure Cloud Security

Could much-despised Digital Rights Management (DRM) be an equitable solution to cloud security concerns?

FileJumbo Offers Huge Uploads For Free, No Questions Asked

Who said the promise of free cloud storage was dead? A new service from Baltsoft offers free-of-charge 1GB file uploads and downloads.

Mozy Drops Unlimited Storage, Destroys Cloud Dream

Mozy has started capping its previously unlimited cloud storage system, possibly indicating that the cloud isn’t as generous as we might have thought.

Why the NookColor Can't Double as a Business Tablet

Business users might be tempted by the NookColor, which has just been hacked to run the full Android OS, but there are important caveats.

New Google Docs Features Ease Organization

Google has overhauled the document organizer within its Docs online office productivity suite, making it even better for business use.

How to Really Shrink the Dock

You probably already know that you can shrink (or enlarge) the Dock by clicking and dragging the bars that separate the applications from folder stacks. You...

Intel's Chip Bug Shows Why Not to Buy First-Gen Tech

A newly found flaw with the chipset for Intel’s new Sandy Bridge chipset is a reminder of why you should never buy first-generation technology.

Busydocs Takes Google Docs offline

Google is rumored to be introducing offline storage for Google Docs, but until that happens, the new Busydocs application bridges the gap.