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Ken Gagne, a former editor for Computerworld, covers gaming, crowdfunding, and retrocomputing. You can see him on the YouTube channel Gamebits and hear him as host of the Polygamer and IndieSider podcasts. Learn more about him at

Operation Rainfall: How a fan campaign brought Nintendo to its knees

The story of how dedicated JRPG fans convinced Nintendo to bring a trio of Japanese Wii games to America.

10 essential WordPress plug-ins

The open-source content management system offers a bevy of features that makes it ideal for authors, vendors, media producers and more.

John Romero Speculates On The Future of Ouya

Part of the Ouya marketing campaign evokes the pioneer spirit of early Apple IIe game developers. John Romero shares his thoughts on the topic during KansasFest 2012.

Jordan Mechner Made An Apple II Game Called Deathbounce

When Jordan Mechner was learning to code in 1982, he made an Asteroids clone called Deathbounce for the Apple II. Twenty years later he finally released it, and now you can play it.