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Ken Mingis is Managing Editor, News at Computerworld and oversees the day-to-day operation of and strategic planning for our news team. He also oversees our coverage of Apple.

Yahoo CEO Thompson Reportedly Quits

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, who's been under fire amid questions about whether he padded his resume, plans to step down from his job, reports say.

15-inch MacBook Pro: Same Look, More Speed

Apple's new MacBook Pro line of laptops was lost in the publicity around the iPad 2. Virtually all of the changes in the MacBook Pro family are under the hood.

11.6-in. MacBook Air: Don't Call It a Netbook

Some might find this mini-laptop too small, but travelers will love it.

iPhone Leak: 'Huge' Hurt for Apple

Lost iPhone revealed Apple's plans early to the company's detriment, Apple told cops.


15-Inch MacBook Pro Unites Power with Economy

The Core i5 and i7 models add speed to a well-built laptop design.