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Samsung, Qualcomm Team to Advance Wireless Charging

Industry players form technical alliance to develop a new standard.

Security Experts Warn of Cyber Threats From Iran

Iran may be turning to cyber attacks as a channel to attack corporate and government entities in the U.S., especially since the attacks are relatively easily launched against much larger adversaries.

FTC Issues Privacy Report, Calls for Do-Not-Track Tool

The Federal Trade Commission Monday released the long-awaited final version of its report on online consumer privacy.

Feds Turn to Tech to Improve Freedom of Information Act Responses

Amid promises of openness and transparency--and a healthy dose of skepticism-- Obama administration officials are developing new Web interfaces, search techniques to improve the response to requests under the Freedom of Information Act.

ISPs Object to Cybersecurity Rules

Executives from Comcast, AT&T and other services warn Congress against government oversight of private firms' cybersecurity practices.

Internet Freedom: Next Battlefields

Between the free-expression camp and the hard-line regimes with strict censorship policies are a host of nations beginning to explore global digital communication.

McCain, GOP Vow Alternative Cybersecurity Bill

Arizona Republican blasts bipartisan cybersecurity bill for DHS authority, new regulations on private sector operators.

Government Moves Toward Cloud Computing 'Perfect Storm'

Amid mounting budget pressures and a maturing set of technologies, the federal government is poised for the rapid adoption of cloud computing services over the next several years.

Petitioners Urge Apple to Address Factory Working Conditions

Activists deliver petitions seeking labor reform in overseas factories that produce iPhones, iPads, and other popular Apple products.

Senate to Consider Cybersecurity Overhaul

Majority leader Harry Reid is reportedly poised to bring long-debated cybersecurity legislation to floor in hopes of broad bipartisan support.