Mobile Shopping Still Awaits Security

Analysis: Customers won't come until they're confident that waving their banking app at a point of sale terminal won't open their account to wireless thieves.

Mobile Security Isn't Just Going to Happen

Security professionals need to get hands-on with the software that runs on mobile devices and engage with the developers who put all those apps in users' hands.

What Now, After the Android Market Scare?

No screening process is going to be foolproof, but we can all take steps to make our devices safer.


We'll Pay by Smartphone, but Let's Not Pay for Dumb Security

As we create the infrastructure for mobile electronic payments, we have to get the security right.

Managing the Cloud's Security Risks

You can neutralize the security pitfalls of cloud computing with proper planning.

Making Apps Safe Is Hard Work

Chances are good that no app store is doing all that its users would like to ensure that apps will do no harm.