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Scenes from a Microsoft store opening

What drew the crowds to a Microsoft Store in San Francisco this week? Would you believe Blake Shelton tickets?

Up close with Intel's perceptual computing technology

Intel was at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to showcase perceptual computing, which combines a webcam and software to let users interact with games and other types of applications. Here's a video demonstration of what Intel is showing off.

Video: How to secure your home Wi-Fi network

In this Tech Tip video, we'll show you how to do more than just set a password to restrict access to your Wi-Fi network.

Move your bookmarks easily between computers

What do you do if you buy a new computer and want to easily move all your old bookmarks over to the new one? In this video how-to, we'll show you two ways to export bookmarks and then upload them into a browser on your new machine.

Video: Global startup competition for seed money is a big draw

Twenty-eight startups from around the globe compete for interest from investor judges in the AngelHack contest. We take a closer look at this competition in a video report.

Video: How kids are learning about cyberbullying

The Children's Internet Protection Act requires many US schools to teach kids how to be safe online. We drop in on a middle school classroom in San Francisco to see what that entails.


Is CES a thieves' paradise?

The International CES is packed to the rafters with the latest in shiny, often expensive high-tech gadgets, so it's no surprise that theft is a problem for companies exhibiting at the show.

US military looks to social nets for intelligence strategy

Students at a U.S. military graduate school in California are mining social media with new methods that may change the way the armed forces collect intelligence overseas.


Emergency Workers Scan QR Codes to Quickly Access Health Information

QR codes are being used for more than just advertisements in Marin County, California. There, paramedics hope the stickers could help save lives in emergency...

San Francisco Website TaskRabbit Expands in the US, London in Its Sights

Cynthia De Acha didn't know that she could buy fresh New England lobsters in Silicon Valley, but thanks to a recent delivery to a Google executive, she's...

UC Berkeley Tests Floating Robot Sensors to Track Water Flow, Environmental Concerns

It's been a couple of years and a couple of million dollars. Finally, researchers and graduate students who have spent years developing intelligent water sensors...

Genealogists Excited for Release of 1940 Census, Family History Sites Prepare

In less than two weeks, genealogists and historians will get their first chance to begin combing the 1940 U.S. census for more clues about what life was like in...

Mozilla Shows Off Web-Based Phone

Mozilla gives a demo of its Boot-to-Gecko-based smartphone system. The phone in the demo, which previously used Android--now runs without an operating system. Instead, all the functions run directly from the Web.


MWC 2012: Huawei Challenges the iPhone With the Ascend D

Huawei bills the Ascend D as the "world’s fastest" smartphone. The phone comes with a Hauwei-made quad-core processor, Dolby sound technology, an 8-megapixel camera, and a 4.5 inch high-resolution screen.