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Genealogists Excited for Release of 1940 Census, Family History Sites Prepare

In less than two weeks, genealogists and historians will get their first chance to begin combing the 1940 U.S. census for more clues about what life was like in...

Mozilla Shows Off Web-Based Phone

Mozilla gives a demo of its Boot-to-Gecko-based smartphone system. The phone in the demo, which previously used Android--now runs without an operating system. Instead, all the functions run directly from the Web.

MWC 2012: Huawei Challenges the iPhone With the Ascend D

Huawei bills the Ascend D as the "world’s fastest" smartphone. The phone comes with a Hauwei-made quad-core processor, Dolby sound technology, an 8-megapixel camera, and a 4.5 inch high-resolution screen.

Apple Customers Voice Mixed Reaction to Reports of Poor Working Conditions

Amid renewed reports of poor working conditions at factories making Apple products in China, it's unclear whether customers will demand change.

Location-based App for CPR Responders Spreads to Second City

A location-based phone application that alerts people trained in CPR when someone nearby is having a heart attack will be spreading from San Ramon, California...

Justin Bieber, Robo-boy, Drops in on CES

Justin Bieber caused a minor scrum on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show Wednesday when he stopped by to launch a dancing robot for Vietnamese toy and...

Justin Bieber Comes to CES to Introduce a New Robot

Toy and robotics company Tosy introduced a new singing/dancing robot with the help of Justin Bieber.

Panelists See Into Inventions of The Future, Robots Included

Showgirls and onlookers in casual dress encapsulated the feel of the convention center on the first day of CES. One panel discussion concentrated on tech wishes 10 years from now--from effective communication among devices, to everything WiFi enabled, to robots that support roles to benefit society.

Sharp Previews a New Mobile TV

Sharp showed off its Aquos Freestyle at CES 2012. It's a newly designed portable TV with handles that can be used to carry the small HDTV around and out of the home.

LG Introduces 84-Inch HDTV With Gesture Control and Built-In Wi-Fi, Streaming Capabilities

LG shows its large HDTV with voice, 3D gesture control, and built-in streaming at CES 2012.

Deceased Surfline Founder to Be Remembered Sunday

Surfers around the world are getting ready to honor Surfline founder and president Sean Collins, who died December 26 from a sudden heart attack. He was...