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Kevin Fogarty is a freelance writer, editor, and analyst who has covered every unprecedented, technology-driven shift in the firmament of business and society since before the invention of the web. His stories describe the impact of new technology in terms accessible to non-specialists but he personally has been mocked as a geek by technical experts in a dozen abstruse beats, including networking, cloud computing, security, hacktivism, defense and cyberwar, virtualization, data-center  and mobile technologies, web development, social networking, big data and robotics. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe,, InformationWeek, CIO, Computerworld, Network World and a range of cut-and-paste content-aggregation sites.

Cable Companies' A La Carte Plan Seems Like a Bait-and-Switch

Cable providers want to be able to cut some of the channels that are now part of their normal packages and turn those into premium channels like HBO or Starz.

Which VPN Anonymity Providers Keep Secrets

Analysis: Levels of nobility and respectability seem to vary a bit in this industry; it's best to double-check the reliability of someone you plan to trust with your most sensitive secrets.

If You Use It, Mobile Malware Will Come

IT people who try to secure mobile devices in a big company face three big conceptual problems.

HTC Unlocks Its Phones

Analysis: The company is sticking with Android even though Google is acquiring one of HTC's competitors -- but the handset maker has some other cards to play.

Positive Trend in Malware: Rootkit Developers Killing Each Other's Code

For the second time a malware variant comes back to kill its parent and take over its zombies

VMware Licensing Change Opens Doors for Competing Providers

When VMware announced last week that it would loosen the radical change in price structure it announced only a month ago, it was doing more than mollifying a few disgruntled customers.