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Kevin Fogarty is a freelance writer, editor, and analyst who has covered every unprecedented, technology-driven shift in the firmament of business and society since before the invention of the web. His stories describe the impact of new technology in terms accessible to non-specialists but he personally has been mocked as a geek by technical experts in a dozen abstruse beats, including networking, cloud computing, security, hacktivism, defense and cyberwar, virtualization, data-centerĀ  and mobile technologies, web development, social networking, big data and robotics. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe,, InformationWeek, CIO, Computerworld, Network World and a range of cut-and-paste content-aggregation sites.

Comcast's Fast New Service Comes with a Catch

Comcast's ultrafast, ultra-broadband "Extreme 105" 105 Mbit/sec service may not take you as far as fast as you'd expect.



Report: Chinese Far Outstrip U.S. Cyber-Spy Fight for Military, Business Secrets

Operation Byzantine Hades pulls 'terabytes' of sensitive data over half a decade of success

Texas Security Gaffe Dwarfs Epsilon Data Breach

3.5 million records, including data more personal than an email address

Cloud Computing Standards: Too Many, Doing Too Little

There are so many categories of cloud computing and so many competing standards that users may not be able to move among them easily.

Google Tries to Become Apple

Don't be evil?

5 Ways You Waste Money on Virtualization

More than three quarters of U.S. companies virtualize at least some of their x86-based servers, but few get their full money's worth out of virtualization.

Benefits of the Cloud: Servers, Capacity, Storage...Girlfriend?

Cloud Girlfriend takes trend too far -- or scams users for email

AT&T Internet Usage Billing Off by as Much as 4,700%

How can your ISP count your packets if it doesn't know how to count?

Recharge a Battery in Two Minutes, Not Six Hours

A trio of researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are trying to create a nanostructure design for batteries that would enable the rapid-recharge time.

Server Virtualization: 6 Management Myths

Hint: You don't really know what hypervisors you're running, or what it all costs. Consider some expert advice on 6 common management mistakes.

Apple Didn't Kill the Music Business

Analysis: Refuting Jon Bon Jovi's attack on Apple's Steve Jobs.


Microsoft Foils Botnet; New Internet Sheriff?

Analysis: Grandiosity, self congratulation after Rustock takedown don't bode well for future "operations."

Malware Knows Where You Hide the Door Key

Analysis: Security study scrutinizes malware methods.

4 Virtualization Security Basics to Watch

While mobile and smartphone security is the hot topic of the moment among virtualization security gurus, plenty of other virtualization security topics demand...

Google Crackdown on Content Farms Only Hurts Web Weasels

New algorithm can only help if your SEO strategy isn't sleazy