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Kevin Fogarty is a freelance writer, editor, and analyst who has covered every unprecedented, technology-driven shift in the firmament of business and society since before the invention of the web. His stories describe the impact of new technology in terms accessible to non-specialists but he personally has been mocked as a geek by technical experts in a dozen abstruse beats, including networking, cloud computing, security, hacktivism, defense and cyberwar, virtualization, data-center  and mobile technologies, web development, social networking, big data and robotics. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe,, InformationWeek, CIO, Computerworld, Network World and a range of cut-and-paste content-aggregation sites.

Chrome OS's Secret Influence

Analysis: How do HTML5, and ChromeOS, work offline?

Laptops Still Have a Role -- for Now

Mobile devices have not supplanted laptops (yet) -- but consumers and businesses alike should be planning.


What Would You Do for 150 Mbit/sec?

Is Verizon's service worth Verizon's service?

WSJ Warnings About Privacy-Invading Cookies Carry Privacy-Invading Cookies

Can you move this one to the 'Irony' section?

iPad Users Not Quaking at Prospect of Competing RIM Tablet

Can Blackberry maker win mindshare from iPhone, iPad? iDoubt it.


Cookie Privacy Warning Contains Cookies

Analysis: Irony alert -- WSJ warnings about privacy-invading cookies carry privacy-invading cookies.

Microsoft Ramps Up Fight to Be Cloud Leader

Microsoft has launched a series of partnerships, functional enhancements and product packages in an effort to make its cloud offerings more attractive to.

iPhone Tests by Citigroup, Bank of America Threaten BlackBerry

Analysis: When big financial institutions start eyeing iPhone over BlackBerry, that could be a tipping point in smartphone wars.


FCC: Verizon, Can You Pay Me Now?

FCC orders Verizon to pay a second round of fines for phoney mobile charges


Windows XP Steps Closer to the Abyss

Analysis: PC vendors can no longer preload Windows XP, which pushes the longstanding OS closer toward obsolescence despite ongoing support.

Citrix Launches Fresh Cloud Attack on VMware

Rivals Citrix and VMware have taken their battle beyond technology development, even beyond marketing. Now they're working on the imaginations and psychology of...

Top Cloud Computing Security Risk: One Company Gets Burned

Virtualization and cloud computing haven't eroded the online security of most companies, analysts say. But they may be contributing to situations in which...

Cloud Computing: Today's Four Favorite Flavors, Explained

Cloud computing is famous for being a metaphor instead of a technology, but that metaphor is increasingly hard for non-techies to understand. Many variations of...