Kevin Fogarty

Kevin FogartyCIO

Kevin Fogarty is a freelance writer, editor, and analyst who has covered every unprecedented, technology-driven shift in the firmament of business and society since before the invention of the web. His stories describe the impact of new technology in terms accessible to non-specialists but he personally has been mocked as a geek by technical experts in a dozen abstruse beats, including networking, cloud computing, security, hacktivism, defense and cyberwar, virtualization, data-centerĀ  and mobile technologies, web development, social networking, big data and robotics. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe,, InformationWeek, CIO, Computerworld, Network World and a range of cut-and-paste content-aggregation sites.

Budget Blowback: Virtualization Isn't Easy

In human relations, as in nature, any action has an equal and opposite reaction, but not in a form you'd always like.

Microsoft Releases Hypervisor Users Call Fast, Stable

Microsoft announces it will release Hyper-V to manufacturing; VARs and end users laud its performance and ease of use, though Microsoft's management tools have not yet caught up.