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Astronauts go from Earth to the ISS in a record six hours

A new Soyuz capsule route cuts travel time to ISS from two days to six hours.

Scientists create biological transistors, the final step toward 'computerized cells'

Scientists develop biological transistor that can transmit computer commands inside living cells.

Here’s a homemade four-gigapixel panorama image of Mars

Here’s a four-gigapixel Mars Panorama created with 407 photos taken by Curiosity.

This hack turns Super Mario into a musical instrument

Chris Novello hacks the original NES Super Mario into a musical instrument.

The world's lightest material is only one sixth as dense as air

The world’s new lightest material is way lighter than air, and it's really thirsty to clean our oil spills.

Scientists hollow out fiber-optic cables, make data travel at near-light speed

Researchers create fiber network that operates at 99.7 percent speed of light and pushes data rates of 10 terabytes per second.


New York surveillance drones are inbound (and other stuff you missed)

A 3D-printing hack-a-thon, Grumpy Cat on Anderson Cooper’s show, and other stuff you missed.

RetroN 5 adds another cartridge slot, plays even more retro classics on HDTVs

RetroN 5 to play NES, SNES, Game Boy Advance, Famicon and Sega Genesis games.

HP's prototype 3D display creates holograms viewable from 180 degrees

HP is working on a new holographic 3D display technology for smartphones and tablets.

Meet Zoe, a virtual talking head that can express emotions

The digital personal assistant gets more human with a virtual talking head that expresses emotions.

These are some of the youngest stars ever seen

Herschel telescope detects some of the universe’s youngest stars ever seen.

Interview: Solidoodle founder sees a coming 3D-printed age

We speak with Sam Cervantes, founder of Solidoodle, to get the lowdown on where 3D printing is today and where it will be going tomorrow.

Cats could have delivered your mail (and other stuff you missed)

A ring that makes sure you don’t forget your anniversary, a car oil check device, and other stuff you missed.

Multi-monitor tracking system keeps you focused, makes sure you don’t miss anything

Diff Displays is a multi-display system that "knows" when you're looking at one of your multiple monitors.

Lockheed Martin develops a saltwater filter with graphene

Lockheed's new water filtration system can make saltwater drinkable.