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Meet the Arkyd-100, a prototype asteroid mining satellite

Planetary Resources President Chris Lewicki shows off a full-scale asteroid mining prototype and tours the lab.

This company wants to start mining asteroids in 2015

Deep Space Industries announces it plans to test asteroid mining in 2015 and to bring back mined materials by 2020.

Quadruple-helix DNA exists (and other stuff you missed)

A weather-sealing add on for Canon lenses, pictures of a dry river on Mars, and other stories you might have missed.

NASA sends the Mona Lisa to the Moon via space laser

NASA has uploads the Mona Lisa to the Moon using lasers.

Curiosity digs into its first Martian rock, munches on dust for signs of water

Curiosity drills into its first Martian rock looking for evidence of the red planet’s wet history.

IBM's flexible circuit is 10,000 times thinner than paper

IBM research produces a flexible circuit that’s 10,000 times thinner than paper and still as powerful as a silicon chip.

These glasses keep your face out of photos (and other stuff you missed)

A tiny hack remove Surface RT touchscreen lag, how to cheat and look like you’re solving the Rubik’s cube, and other stuff you missed.

The oldest star might be older than the Universe as we know it

Scientists discover a nearby star that could be older than the theorized age of The Universe itself.

DIY CT scanner made with Arduino reveals the anatomy of frozen chickens

Hardware hacker Ben Krasnow builds a homemade X-ray CT scanner that can make a 3D model of the inside of a frozen chicken.

Earth gets recreated in Minecraft at 1:1500 scale

One Minecraft builder is creating 1:1500 scale models of the planet we live on.

The Aeroscraft is a whale of an airship, and it's getting ready to take off

Aeros gets ready to take off with its 250-foot long prototype airship.

NASA might try to bag an asteroid, make it orbit the Moon

NASA is thinking up plans to a grab an asteroid and drag it into the moon's orbit.

This 308,450,225-dot map shows where every American lives

This incredible census data map uses 308,450,225 dots to represent each living American in the continental United States.

This year in geek: The biggest astronomy stories of 2012

We look back at an amazing year of discoveries and achievements in space.

This is the first song ever recorded in space

Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings and records the first song in space. Thankfully, it isn't a cover of 'Gangnam Style.'