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The useless machine gets even more useless (and other stuff you missed)

This is the second tallest tree in the world, stretchy liquid metal wires, and other stuff you missed.

Stanford develops thin film solar panels that stick to phones and windows

Stanford University researchers created the first flexible, reusable decal-like solar panels that can attach to almost any surface.

DIY AR eye patch gives you Borg-like senses, permanent installation not required

DIYer Gergory McRoberts builds a his own augmented reality eye patch that lets him detect heat and precisely measure distance.

This open source attachment turns your iPhone into a thermal imaging camera

Modder Andy Rawson shares his device to turn smartphones into cheap thermal imaging cameras.

This year in YouTube videos (and other stuff you missed)

The end of the year is fast approaching, and in case you missed any of the viral videos from this year, YouTube has put together an interactive month-to-month compendium that includes everything from Gangnam Style to the overly attached girlfriend. But before you check that out, here’s some of the news that you might have missed.

NASA's GRAIL lunar mission ends with two crashed satellites

NASA’s two GRAIL spacecraft, Ebb and Flow, complete a yearlong moon survey by crashing into a lunar mountain.

DARPA develops a foam that stops internal bleeding

DARPA is developing a medical foam that can be injected to stop internal hemorrhaging.

Get your first look at the new Superman movie (and other things you missed)

Brain pacemakers might one day be used to treat Alzheimer’s, scientists make bread that lasts 60 days, and other things you missed.

This 85-pound IBM hard drive from 1989 will make you love modern tech even more

EEVblog tears down an 85-pound, 1GB IBM 3390 hard drive from 1989. Don't ever complain about your 16GB iPad again.

Treegonometry uses math to perfectly decorate a Christmas tree

The University of Sheffield has come up with a mathematical formula to produce the perfectly decorated Christmas tree.

Squirt gun wars go airborne with this RC copter

ThinkGeek has a new RC helicopter with a built-in water "cannon" that's perfect for soaking your cat or your annoying co-workers.

This flexible light-emitting plastic might be the future of light bulbs

Wake Forest University perfects light-emitting plastic into a moldable and efficient light bulb.

Cities may make spiders grow bigger (and other things we didn’t cover)

Pokémon gets a 3D makeover, 3D printing comes to Staples, and more things we didn't get a chance to cover.

NASA's Voyager 1 cruises the magnetic highway, gets closer to interstellar space

NASA’s Voyager 1 enters the “magnetic highway,” which scientists believe is the last stop before exiting our solar system.

This E-Ink case gives your iPhone 5 a second screen

PopSLATE is an e-ink case that turns the back of your phone into a second screen.