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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

What was World Maker Faire NYC 2012

See highlights from Maker Faire NY 2011, including robots galore, Power Wheels racing cars, and some incredible art.

Graphene might replace silicon (and other things we didn't cover)

Graphene semiconductors, cat love, and other things we didn’t cover.

FormLabs' high-def 3D printer makes microscopic layers with lasers

FormLab creates a 3D printer that uses lasers and liquid resin to create high- definition prints with microscopic layers.

This $50 Android stick turns any HDTV into a Jelly Bean streaming machine

This $50 Android stick turns any HDTV into a Jelly Bean powered streaming machine.

Hubble shows the deepest view of the Universe ever seen

NASA publishes it most detailed and oldest look at the universe going 13.2-billion years back in time.

Your Kinect might run your next physical therapy session

West Health Institute Researchers adapt the Kinect for physical therapy sessions.

Skyrim gets a Minecraft makeover (and other things we didn't cover)

Lexar’s new 256GB SD card, Minecraft meets Skyrim, and more things we didn’t cover.

This giant 3D printer could build you a custom geek den

This shipping container-sized 3D printer could fabricate you a new room in a day.

Official Raspberry Pi overclock lets you hack without voiding your warranty

Raspberry Pi gets an official overclocking tool that won’t void warranties.

Obsidian’s Project Eternity (and other things we didn't cover)

Obsidian kickstarts Project Eternity, a huge Cold War era camera, and more things we didn’t cover.

570-megapixel Dark Energy Camera hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe

The Dark Energy Camera has a 570-megapixel sensor that could help scientists unlock the secrets of the universe.

Lensbaby Spark lets you squeeze and tilt your camera focus for $80

Lensbaby releases its most affordable selective focus lens ever for only $80.

This hack turns your Kinect into a handheld 3D scanner

Researchers at the University of Bristol turned a Kinect into a 3D scanner by hacking together various bits of electronics.

Modded Atari 2600 gets new guts, 22,857 times more processing power

Atari 2600s get modded into modern PCs with i7 processors, SSD storage, and more.

Creepy robot tentacle picks flowers, might give you your next shot

Harvard develops a robot tentacle that’s delicate enough to hold your fine china.