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Forget liquid cooling; give your PC an oil bath

Intel gives its thumbs up on immersion oil cooling after a year-long trial with its servers.

The FBI’s Next Generation Identification program could spot faces in a crowded street

The FBI adds face matching tech to its next nationwide surveillance initiative.

You can throw this camera ball for fly-by panoramas

A Boston inventor creates a new type of throwable camera that captures fly-by panoramas, spherical panoramic images, and more.

This hack turns your iPhone into a cheap thermal imaging camera

Modder Andy Rawson built a DIY thermal imaging sensor for his iPhone, and he plans to sell them for $150.

Do a barrel roll with this underwater wheelchair

One woman developed an underwater wheelchair that lets her glide through the sea.

Atari Arcade web-ifies its classics, lets you play Pong in your browser

Atari remakes its classic tittles in HTML5, so you can play Pong in any modern Web browser.

Scientists Develop Cyborg Tissue, Bring The Borg Closer to Reality

Harvard University researchers develop the first cyborg tissue combining living cells with nanowires.

Giant glass balls might be the future of solar power

Spherical glass solar energy generators might be 35-percent more efficient than the everyday solar panel.

Johns Hopkins Researchers Make Stem Cells From Blood Cells

Johns Hopkins researchers develop a new way to create stem cells from adult blood cells that could one day lead to all sorts of new treatments.

Geneboy Reloaded is the portable Sega Genesis you can actually buy

This Sega Genesis made portable is awesome and you could own it today.

Glove Tricorder helps doctors, might come to homes for self-health checks

The Glove Tricorder works like the Star Trek contraption, and could help doctors diagnose cancer.

iRobot's inflatable robot arm can lift 10 times its own weight

iRobot introduces a new type of inflatable robotic arm for bomb-disposal robots.

Pianocade: An arcade stick chiptunes synthesizer and MIDI controller

Pianocade crosses the geeky music with gaming into one awesome arcade stick MIDI synthesizer.

MIT develops tiny ion thrusters for tiny satellites

Researchers at MIT develop miniature ion thrusters that could power an army of tiny satellites to explore and clean all our space junk.

Curiosity fires its first space-laser shot, zaps a Martian rock

Curiosity fires its million-watt space laser for the first time to investigate a Martian rock.