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Kevin is a small-time tech hound, amateur photographer, and a general know-at-least-something of all things geeky hailing from New York.

Move Over Lasers, It’s Maser Time

Scientists bring back masers, could be more awesome than laser technology. (Sadly, "freaking maser beams" doesn't sound as cool.)

This Raspberry Pi Camera Grip Turns Your DSLR Into a Smart Camera

One photographer stuffs a Linux computer into his DSLR battery grip turning his camera into a smart-device.


What’s the best way to read comics on your Nexus 7?

What’s the best way to read comics on an Android Device? Here’s the digital comic app guide to help you figure it all out.

MIT Makes a Drone Aircraft That Can Fly Indoors

Heads up! This new UAV from MIT can fly indoors all by itself.

Highest-Resolution Photo Printer Makes Microscopic Color Prints

This 100,000-dpi photo printer makes nano-sized full-color images on a canvas that's as wide as a human hair.

The Byte Cellar Is the Ultimate Geek Dream Den

Check out Blake Patterson’s “Byte Cellar” room of 122 vintage computers, retro consoles, pocket PCs, and more.

Check Out Curiosity’s First 360-Degree Color Panorama of Gale Crater

Curiosity sends back its first color 360-degree panorama of its surrounding Martian landscape.

Burner for iOS lets you make disposable phone numbers

The new Burner app generates disposable, temporary phone numbers for your iPhone.

CameraMator Wirelessly Tethers Your DSLR to iPads and iPhones

CameraMator is a wireless device that lets you preview your DSLR images and control your camera with an iPhone and iPad.

GameKlip Merges Your Android Phone and PS3 Controller Into One Gaming Device

GameKlip is an easy way to attach your Android phone to a PS3 controller.

Curiosity Sends Back its First Color Image of Mars From its 17-Camera Arsenal

The Mars Curiosity Rover sends back its first color image. Here’s what else it can do with its 17 on-board cameras.


Adafruit Wants to Help You Hack Your Raspberry Pi With This Linux Distro

Getting to your first Raspberry Pi hack? Adafruit’s first Educational Linux Distro might help.

Russian Robotic Spacecraft Bumps Up ISS-Bound Shipments to Same-Day Delivery

Scientists from NASA and Russia team up to send expedited supplies from the launchpas to the ISS in the same day.

Lego Motorized Wheelchair Doubles as the Nerdiest Throne Ever

One DIYer builds the nerdiest motorized wheelchair using Lego and Mindstorm NXTs.

FDA Approves Edible Digital Pills That Keep Track of Your Health

The first swallowable microchip is here to keep track of your well-being.