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Kevin Purdy is a freelance writer and former Lifehacker editor. He is the author of The Complete Android Guide and Google+: The Missing Manual.

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4 Android apps that put SMS on your desktop

Text faster, look like you're busy, and remote-control your phone in amazing ways with these apps and services.


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Settle up with your smartphone using these better-than-cash apps

Make “Sorry, no cash” a thing of the past with these easy person-to-person money apps.

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Android's swipe-to-shut myth and how to really close apps

You may think you're closing Android apps by swiping them away, but here's what that actually does and how Android's task switcher works.


Why your smartphone battery hates Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are killing your phone battery, but you don't need a dedicated app for that.

Google Now: What it Actually Does

Analysis: Google Now is a voice/context/mobile/data tool in Android 4.1 Here's an overview of its finer points.

Android 4.1: It's the Little Things that Win

Analysis: Android 4.1 is a big gain for Google's mobile OS, but it's composed of many, many tiny steps forward.

Bye-Bye, BlackBerry: How to Transfer Contacts to iPhone or Android

You're just one text message away from transferring your contacts to nearly any smartphone.