Want to Build Your Own Electric Go-Kart? Now You Can

An MIT student built an electric go-kart, and posted step-by-step instructions for all the world to see.

Robots Do 'Thriller,' Recover When One Falls Down

A group of 'Thriller'-dancing robots slows down then recovers when one of their number falls down.

Self-Stirring Pot Makes Instant Ramen Even Easier

Feeling lazy? A Japanese dentist designs a cooking pot which stirs itself.

This Tiny Flying Robot Is Built Like a Pop-Up Book

Here comes the robot apocalypse: Harvard researchers build inch-long flying robots using techniques from microchip manufacturing, origami, and pop-up books.

Ford 'Overclocks' New Focus ST: More Top-End Power, Better Fuel Efficiency

Ford announces that 2013 Focus ST will have "overclocked," overboosted engine for better performance at high engine speed.

Stranded in the Desert, Man Builds Motorcycle From His Broken Car

One man drove into the desert in his car, and rode out on a motorcycle built from its broken body.

Laser-Controlled Bubble Microbots Assemble Cell Structures, Weird Us Out

Researchers use laser-controlled bubbles as microscopic robots to assemble structures out of yeast cells

If You Missed the Eclipse, This Video Is the Next Best Thing

Check out this gorgeous time-lapse video of last weekend's annular eclipse.

Kinect Now Knows When You're Happy, Sad, Planning to Turn It Off

The new Microsoft Kinect SDK adds improved facial recognition technology which allows the device to track its user's facial expression.

Student Builds Real-Life Portal Turret That Shoots Back

Unlike previous Portal turret builds, this one doesn't just play sounds and look cool, it actually shoots back.

Open-Source Touch Table Puts the World at Your Fingertips

One Kickstarter project aims to significantly reduce the cost of table computers with an open-source, open-hardware design.

This App Lets You Make 3D Models Out of Snapshots

The free 123D Catch app lets you assemble 3D models from snapshots using only your iPad.

Electric Motorcycle Hits 200 MPH; Breaks Record, Burns Rubber

An electric motorcycle went from zero to 200 MPH in 7 seconds in drag test. Who says electric vehicles are underpowered?

Crazy Powerful Go-Kart Lets You Re-Live Your Mario Kart Glory Days

It's tiny, it can do 20 MPH, and it'll make you look and feel like Bowser in Mario Kart--it's MIT student Charles Guan's Chibikart!

Super Mario Bros. Pipe Mug Caffeinates, Holds Plants in Style

Buy a mug and coaster modeled after the pipes from the Super Mario Bros. video game. Piranha Plant seeds not included.