Uber Is Driving Instant Mariachi Fiestas Today in San Francisco

In San Francisco? Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars Day by calling in an on-demand mariachi band!

Guy Puts Ice Cream Sandwich on His Laptop--the OS, Not the Dessert

This guy gets Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on their laptop, everything appears to work just fine.

This EEG-Controlled Pong Game Puts Idle Minds to Good Use

Cornell students build $75 EEG, play Pong with the power of their minds.

Moss-Covered Table Powers Clock, Might One Day Power Your Laptop

The Moss Table shows the potential of the emerging field of biophotovoltaics to lower the total cost and energy usage of solar power.

Homebrew PC Has Only 8 Bits, Lots More Awesome

Kyle Hovey was just a mild mannered guy who one day decided to build an 8-bit processor.

Prinstagram Turns Instagram Photos Into Stickers; Insert Obligatory Hipster Joke Here

Printstagram prints your Instagram photos, including on mini-stickers suitable for decorating, well, everything.

TacoCopter Makes Its Maiden Flight…in Hong Kong

A TacoCopter prototype makes a short flight, and raises questions about the commercial use of robot drones.