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Companies rush to protect IT breakthroughs

Today's patent push includes rich, established companies in a variety of industries where IT is becoming the business model: healthcare, automotive, retail, insurance, consulting, airlines.

Why Legal Concerns Put a Halt to BYOT at Baxter

Baxter International wanted to allow employees to bring their own devices to work, but legal concerns related to e-discovery had to be resolved first.

Your Next Competitive Advantage

Economist and author Umair Haque says future economic prosperity depends on using IT for more than improving efficiency. CIOs need to focus on making consumers’ lives better.

Integrating Social Media Is Hard to Do

CIOs want to integrate social media updates with enterprise CRM systems, but the tools to do so are still emerging

How Social Networking Creates a Collaboration Culture

Thanks to Facebook, people have become willing to share information, creating a workplace culture ready for collaboration. Here's how to make the most of it.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Yields Savings

Using cloud services like Iland for disaster recovery produced quick financial returns for Help at Home, a company that assists the elderly.

How Videoconferencing Improves Decision Making

Videoconferencing helped a financial services company save $1 million on travel, but the greater advantage comes from enabling faster decisions

Text Messaging, Facebook Can Get You in Legal Trouble

Today, many companies are largely unprepared while text messages replace e-mail as the digital smoking gun.

Why Technology Isn't the Answer to Better Security

How is information security failing? Let's count the ways.

A Peek Inside Facebook

Facebook's VP of Technical Operations Jonathan Heiliger tells how he manages the social networking site's technical infrastructure.

How BI Can Help You Cut Cell Phone Bills

Business intelligence helps a mortgage company cut cell phone bills more than 30 percent per month. Top talkers get reported to the boss. Part 5 of 5

Save Money With PC Power Management

PC power management software helped Washington Mutual cut electricity use for a projected $3 million in savings. Part 4 of 5

Asset Management Tool Roots Out Unneeded Apps

The Defense Department saved money and improved security by getting tough on unneeded, unsanctioned, unsupported software and hardware. Part 3 of 5

IT Tool Saves Time and Money for The Gap

ID management tools help system administrators simplify user access to Unix, Linux systems. Part 2 of 5.

IT Department Saves Big Bucks

AT&T, Hewlett-Packard offer better deals after Lafarge hires a negotiating advisor. Part 1 of 5.