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5 Tips for Social Business Adoption: How SAS Succeeded

SAS needed a way to consolidate information repositories and wrangle millennials from using Facebook for work purposes. Here's how the business analytics company decided on and rolled out their enterprise collaboration platform, plus tips for success.


Facebook App Center: The Secrets to Entry

App developers must meet a number of criteria for their apps to be eligible for Facebook's new store, and quality is front and center. Here are some tips.

5 Hidden Gmail Tricks for Power Users

Whether you use Google's Gmail service at work or for personal purposes, you probably have a good handle on the basics. Here's a look at five tips and tricks that will take you to the next level.

Job Search: Should You Upgrade to a Paid LinkedIn Account?

If you're in the market for a new job, you've probably been spending more time on LinkedIn updating your profile and expanding your network.

How Secure Are Your Facebook Apps?

How well do Facebook apps protect your privacy? Before you download something new and agree to share information, check out how Privacyscore rates its first.

Facebook Launches 'Offers,' Adds Coupons to Your News Feed

Facebook Offers, the social network's newest feature, lets businesses you like send you coupons and deals through posts that appear in your News Feed. Here's what you need to know about the feature and how to manage it.

7 Career Tips to Help You Negotiate Better

LinkedIn's newest study reveals that Americans are the most anxious workers in the world when it comes to negotiating in the workplace.

5 Websites for Cool Facebook Cover Photos

Here's a look at some places to go to spruce up your Facebook cover photo, from themed stock images to collages using your personal Facebook photos.

LinkedIn Updates Tool to Find New Connections

LinkedIn this week updated a key feature that now produces personalized suggestions of people you might know and like to connect with.

Answers to Common Facebook Timeline Questions

As Facebook switches another wave of resistant users over to Timeline, I've noticed a number of questions--and misguided assumptions--popping up in my News Feed.

4 Tips to Manage Privacy on Google

If you feel like Google's policy change put your privacy is at risk, here are suggestions to help you remain as anonymous as possible.

A Guide to Using Facebook's New 'Interest Lists'

While the feature could be useful if you want to stay up to date on subjects that matter to you, there are a few drawbacks that could deter you from using it.

Women Take Social Media Privacy More Seriously Than Men Do

Social media privacy awareness is increasing among Americans, according to a new study. However in the battle of the sexes, women trump men when it comes to locking down the privacy of profiles.