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LinkedIn Tip: How to Enable HTTPS Browsing

Facebook enabled the amped-up security feature last year, and now LinkedIn is following suit with news that it will support secure browsing.



18 Staggering Stats From Facebook's IPO

From private jets to stunning salaries and jaw-dropping user data, here's a look at some of the most surprising facts from Facebook's IPO.

How to Opt Out of Linked-In's Social Ads

Those small modules in the margin of your screen promote a company or product with endorsements from your friends and contacts who "like" or "follow" the brand.

How to Cut Facebook News Feed Clutter

You probably have a handful of Facebook friends who post too often, play too many games or share too many pictures.


Tips for Facebook Timeline Apps: Beware What You Share

Facebook opened the floodgates to its "new class of apps" this week, unveiling its partnership with more than 60 applications.

4 Facebook Security Tips to Stay Safe in 2012

As hackers up the ante with attacks, Facebook users need to take extra precautions and exercise better judgment to ensure their accounts--and their personal information--stay safe. Here are four ways to do so.

Uncovering Tech's Most Peculiar Product Codenames

Tech companies go to painstaking lengths to keep new products confidential with "secret" product codenames. Here's an insider's look at some of the most unusual codenames.

Find the Right LinkedIn Group For You

With more than 1.1 million LinkedIn Groups, users are bound to find professionals that share similar interests and goals--LinkedIn has groups for CIOs, IT professionals, social media enthusiasts, and more.

Online Privacy: How to Block Google Ads and Adjust Your Settings

Sometimes the ads that appear in your Google search results or in Gmail are a bit of a mystery.

LinkedIn Tip: Why You Need a Mentor and How to Find One

According to professional social network LinkedIn, mentors play a key role in helping women "shatter the glass ceiling."

10 LinkedIn Tips to Boost Your Job Search

Is your job search lagging? Not seeing the results you'd like? Check out these ten expert tips from's Kristin Burnham to enhance your search.

Facebook Privacy: 11 Settings to Revisit Now

With Facebook's constant stream of changes, keeping up with your privacy settings can be daunting. Here's a rundown of the newest features, what the changes mean to your privacy and how to update your settings.

Facebook Timeline: Privacy Settings You'll Want to Set

Facebook's new version of the profile, called Timeline, might reveal more about your past than you'd like. Here's how to take control of your digital life.

How to Restore Your Facebook Email Notification Settings

If you noticed you're no longer receiving emails when people friend you or post to your wall, you're not alone. Here's what Facebook changed, and to bring back your original settings.


Facebook's New Friend Lists: 5 Things You Need to Know

Last week, reports surfaced that Facebook was testing a new friend list feature that bore a striking resemblance to Google+ Circles.