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Facebook Combats Spam, Clickjacking With New Features

One day after Symantec uncovered an alleged privacy breach, Facebook released four new features to its security suite, unrelated to the discovery.

LinkedIn Tip: How to Use 'Signal' to Job Hunt

Last September, LinkedIn announced Signal, a new product that streams updates and news from your contacts.

Facebook Tips: Hide Recent Activity, Shorten Status Tags

Two new updates to Facebook's activity streams rolled out last week: One, a much-requested feature that lets you hide your recent activity from your friends; and the other, an easier way to tag friends in a status update.

5 Google Apps Features Guaranteed to Boost Productivity

You're probably familiar with the basics of Gmail, Docs, Calendar and Spreadsheets. But built into these are a number of features designed to boost productivity.

LinkedIn's Top Names for CEOs, Engineers, and More

If you're a Peter, Bob, Deborah or Sally, there's a good chance you may have climbed the ranks to earn the top position at your company as CEO.

How to Get More Twitter Followers: 5 Do's and Don'ts

Twitter has evolved into one of the most popular, go-to tools when it comes to reaching broad audiences, whether you're promoting content or expanding your brand.

Facebook's Constant Tweaks: 5 Ways to Stay Up to Date

When you disclose as much personal information as many of us do on Facebook, it's important to know when changes in privacy occur, when security updates go live...

Google Apps: 5 Hidden Calendar Tools and Tricks

Many of us would be lost without our calendars--they're where we schedule meetings, pencil in appointments and set project deadlines.

Facebook Questions: 4 Warnings Before You Start

After more than six months since announcing the Questions platform and releasing it to a small group of users, Facebook has finally rolled it out.

Facebook Tip: Enable Encryption to Avoid Privacy Glitch

Use HTTPs to keep your Facebook data safe.

Business Collaboration: 4 Ways to Achieve More

Two-thirds of businesses don't reap the desired range of benefits from enterprise collaboration tools, but here are four ways you can.

Gmail Tips: 10 Features to Try Now

How e-mail savvy are you? We've sifted through Gmail's many customization features, from remote sign-out to keyboard shortcuts, to find the best time and aggravation savers.

10 Social Buying Sites That Add Up to Savings

With social buying sites such as Groupon, you round up friends to cash in on steep discounts on everything from restaurants to spas. Here's the lowdown on 10 sites that will hook you up with a variety of deals.

Next-Generation CIO: Four Personas

A new breed of CIOs is emerging. Here's a look at four roles that CIOs will be asked to play, ranging from Chief Integration Officer to Chief Innovation Officer.

How to Devise a Social Business Strategy

Untapped data. Inability to scale. Dismal adoption. Overspending. Gaping security holes. These are some of the most common challenges. Here's how to tackle them.