Laura, PCWorld

Laura Blackwell's title is PCWorld Downloads Editor, but she can't keep her hands off cloud software, either.


Have the news come to you with this full-featured RSS reader.

ActiveWords Plus

Launch programs and work within them with this powerful and easy-to-use keystroke macro program.


Simplify your life with this command-line utility and its Magic Words.

Jarte 3.0

This easy-to-use word processor is small enough to fit on a portable USB drive.

Tab Mix Plus

Navigate Firefox tabs faster and better with this add-on's cornucopia of tweaks.

BitMeter II

Track your download speeds and avoid hitting your ISP's bandwidth cap with this freebie.

Polyglot 3000

Identify the language of text--even short phrases--with this handy tool.

Defend Against the Suburban Undead in Plants vs. Zombies

Protect your home from zombie invasion with plant-based weaponry in this hilarious game.


Can't stand to read End User License Agreements? Let this freebie give you the highlights.

Have a Healthy 2009 with DietPower Software

If your New Year's resolutions including eating better or losing weight, DietPower can help you reach your goals. This food and exercise journaling program presents a great amount of information in a format that's easier to follow (and better for you) than your grandmother's cookie recipe.

GPL Ghostscript: A Helper for Adobe Alternatives

If you need Ghostscript to run a program, try this open source version.

Johannes Vermeer Screensaver

Dress up your desktop with the attractive and low-key masterworks of Vermeer.

Actual Window Minimizer

Save Taskbar space by minimizing windows to the System Tray.

Desktop Ruler

Measure pixels and centimeters with a ruler right on your screen.

A Disk Checker, a Finance Planner, and a Puzzle

Keep your hard drive healthy, plan a happy financial ending, and play a bouncy game.