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Laura Blackwell's title is PCWorld Downloads Editor, but she can't keep her hands off cloud software, either.

Wizard's Pen

Solve the mystery of the wizard's disappearance with this ground-breaking hidden-object puzzle.

Financial Fate

Estimate your future net worth to plan a sunny outlook for your twilight years.

Peggle Nights

Enter the colorful dreams of the Peggle Masters in this sequel to the beloved casual game.


Free up RAM by limiting memory hog programs on a case-by-case basis.

Trim RAM Usage, Clutter, Kitchen Consternation

Three apps that help you enjoy more by using less.


This full-featured and easy-to-use program launcher tucks itself away until you need it.

ColorfulTabs for Firefox

Make your Firefox tabs pop with color and backgrounds.


Curb your Web procrastination with this eye-opening Firefox extension.

Simplify Your Desktop With Docking, Tabs, and Macro Software

These downloads will help you fine-tune your Windows desktop.


Add tabs to your desktop and put a calculator, a calendar, folders, and other items at your fingertips.

3D Topicscape Lite

Fly through your personal knowledge bank with this 3-D mindmapping software.

Software for Webmasters, Wordsmiths, and Whodunnit Fans

Learn about your Web site's visitors, find the right word, and unearth clues to a puzzling crime.

Talking Merriam-Webster English Dictionary

Look up (and pronounce) words without opening a book or browser with this well-designed program.


Check your Web site's hits, referring pages, and more in real time.

Mystery PI: The Vegas Heist

Crack the case of a casino robbery in this hidden-object puzzle game.