Laura, PCWorld

Laura Blackwell's title is PCWorld Downloads Editor, but she can't keep her hands off cloud software, either.

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

Stroll through the sky with this celestial software.


Print out what you see on your screen simply and without fuss.


Make dozens of system tweaks with this free utility.

Cosmic Bugs

Save your space station by stamping out space bugs in this action-puzzle game.


Teach your mouse scroll wheel new tricks with this freebie.

Link Alert

With this Firefox extension, find out what lurks behind a link before you click it.

WildVoice Studio

Podcast like a pro with this easy-to-use recording, mixing, show-building software.

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Trot the globe in the Roaring 20s as you build a chocolate empire in this delectable game.

Mufin MusicFinder Base

Rediscover your music when Mufin builds playlists based on your favorite tracks' sound.

Lavasoft Personal Firewall 2.0 (32-bit)

This security tool provides powerful protection for both small and medium-sized businesses and home users.


Track your eating habits to create a healthy nutrition and diet plan.


Limit your access to the Web's time-siphoning temptations with this fine-control site blocker.

Alice Greenfingers

Build your own pastoral paradise and become the envy of the farmer's market in this entertaining game.


Become a sudoku master with this logical and fun teacher.


Nab screenshots with this small, simple--and free--screen capture program.