FTC's Anti-Robocall Rules Take Effect Sept. 1

Few things annoy consumers more than the billions of commercial telemarketing robocalls they receive every year, FTC states.

Red Flags ID Theft Program Can't Get Green Light

Analysis: Although touted as being a major way the government plans to fight the growing identity theft blight, the FTC's program once again suffers deadline creep.

FTC Shutters Nefarious Underworld ISP

FTC says company actively recruited and colluded with criminals seeking to distribute everything from child pornography to spyware and viruses.

FTC Cracks Down on Car Warranty Robocalls

Analysis: FTC asks federal court to shut down companies behind deceptive robocalls that push vehicle service contracts.

Blanket GPS Coverage in the Cross Hair

Analysis: Ubiquitous GPS coverage could soon get spotty due to plodding pace of system upgrade.

Colbert Loses Throne, Gains Treadmill

NASA tells Comedy Central star that it will name treadmill in his honor, but not its new space module.

Comcast, DirecTV Must Pay $4M for Violations

FTC chalks up two more victories against violators that broke the Do Not Call rule -- then re-called consumers again.

Online Job Scams Are on the Rise, FBI Warns

Job-seekers are cautioned to be particularly vigilant against growing work-at-home scams.

Electronics Recycling Is Making Gains, Says EPA

Despite challenges, EPA says recycled electronics programs are growing.

Now You Can Opt Out When Telemarketers Call

Telemarketing poppycock elimination laws take effect today

All Hail the IBM Mainframe: PSI Genuflects, for a Price

IBM said today it will buy the company-most-like-a-thorn-in-its-side, Platform Solutions, Inc. (PSI).