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Cool Mobile World Congress 2013 products we'd love to buy in the United States

Born in the U.S.A? Not these products. Because the W in MWC stands for World, we’re not lucky enough to get every desirable product Stateside. Here are the things we wish we could buy here.

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New DivX Stash stores all your online videos in one place

Launched at Mobile World Congress this week, the still-in-beta DivX Stash lets you save movies from various video sites to watch later on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Touch-typing keyboard apps for mobile devices flood Mobile World Congress

These new apps aim to make typing on our phones and tablets easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Elecom Japan Design has some fun with phone accessories

Cases with built in games and tails for kickstands barely scratch the surface of the wonderfully weird accessories we saw at the Elecom booth at MWC.

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The giant smartphones of Mobile World Congress 2013

The line between a smartphone and a tablet keeps getting thinner as companies roll out large phones at MWC.

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SBP TV turns to mobile screens for streaming TV

SPB TV lets you stream live TV straight to your mobile device, and now the company has a second screen app for additional content.

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AppMachine unveils do-it-yourself visual app builder beta for beginners

Have an idea for a mobile app, but lack the development chops? AppMachine can help.

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Sprint Android phones will feature Quixey's smart search for new apps

All new Sprint Android phones will feature Quixey’s smart app search to help users discover new apps--without knowing exactly what the users are looking for.

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With cable-cutting on the rise, so is mobile streaming live TV

New mobile TV streaming technology was on display at CES this year, from apps to tablets that can pick up a signal.

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Incipio launches tape-less tape measure (video)

The Incipio AR Stanley Case houses a detachable target that, when paired with an app, helps you measure any short distance using augmented reality.

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Winbot won’t complain about cleaning windows (video)

Do androids dream of dirty windows? This one might.

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DreamCheeky toys perfect for annoying coworkers (video)

The app-powered toys fire nerf-like missiles from the ground or ping pong ball bombs from the air.

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Virtual laser keyboards look cool, but might not be ready for prime time (video)

The CTX VK200 Keyfob virtual laser keyboard responded to everyone’s touch but mine. Here’s what went wrong.

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Nectar brings fuel cell tech to the mobile charging game (video)

Nectar isn’t the cheapest portable charging system on the market, but it’s one of the coolest.

Fisher-Price's Apptivity toys turn iPads into immersive playsets (video)

Fisher-Price's Apptivity line couples playsets with interactive iPad apps.