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Leah started out as a PCWorld columnist before Macworld scooped her up as an assistant editor. Now, she happily writes features and covers iOS apps, smartphone cases, gadget bags, and social media trends across all three of our sites.

Wish Factory’s pop star-studded accessories brighten up CES (video)

Wish Factory specializes in products for children and teens

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Kavaj trots out new cases for new Apple devices

The company is here at CES with new leather cases for the iPad, iPad mini and iPhone 5.

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Sculpteo 3D printing lets you stick your face on an iPhone case

If you don’t want to shell out the cash for your own 3D printer, use Sculpteo to create and print your own iPhone case instead.

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Trakdot helps track down lost luggage

The small gadget flies with your bag and uses wireless to report its whereabouts to your phone.

Angry with Instagram? Try these alternatives

Instagram has updated its terms of service, and many Instagram users are not happy about what they've read. If you'd like to jump off the Instagram bandwagon, check out these photo-sharing alternatives.

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Maximize gadget battery life when you travel

Holiday travel can be a major source of stress, and worrying about your phone's battery life shouldn't contribute to it. Here are a few things you can do to extend battery life and save power.

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Microsoft launches Windows Phone app for Windows 8 and RT

This companion app helps complete the Windows ecosystem: it syncs music, photos, and videos between Windows mobile devices and PCs.

Kyocera Rise Review: A Budget Android Phone Ideal for Smartphone Rookies

The Kyocera Rise is a great starter smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, but more-experienced smartphone users will be left wanting more.

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Android Phones Will Power NASA's New Fleet of Mini-Satellites

Hoping to inject new life into low-cost space exploration, NASA's 'PhoneSat' program will launch a series of Google Nexus One–controlled mini-satellites into space later this year.

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Replacing a Faulty TV Under Warranty

Companies may fulfill the terms of a warranty by replacing a faulty television with a similar refurbished set.

The Top 10 Tech-Friendly U.S. Airlines

All of the U.S.-based airlines are making moves to better accommodate tech-savvy passengers—some faster than others. Here are the winners and losers.

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Virgin America’s Techie In-Flight Entertainment System

The tech-forward airline announces upgrades to its current seat-back system, including Wi-Fi with multidevice capabilities.

Angie’s List: Is the Service Site Worth Its Membership Fee?

The flashy ads for Angie’s List promise access to high-quality professionals for a fee. Here's a look at how the service compares to its free competitors.

Repair Hassles: Who Will Fix a Defective Laptop Graphics Card?

A Sony VAIO owner encounters difficulties when he discovers that his malfunctioning model is not on the recall list. Plus: A potential Verizon customer struggles to get ADSL installed.

The State of the E-Textbook

Students have not yet ditched heavy textbooks, but the options for getting course materials digitally are growing.

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