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FBI Enlists Gordon Gekko to Fight Cyberfraud

Actor Michael Douglas lends his Wall Street character to publicize FBI efforts against insider trading via social networks.

JP Morgan Invests in Mobile Payments

JP Morgan Chase is teaming with a start-up called GoPago to build its presence in the fast-growing mobile payments market.

Car Control Software Chaos Revealed in Major Safety Study

A U.S. government-commissioned report found it 'unrealistic' for the vehicle safety agency to maintain the skills to keep up with rapid technology change.

App Internet and Mobile Devices to Drive Massive Technology Demands in 2012

Technology industry experts predict fast-shifting pressures on technology from the rise in mobile application development, cloud computing and new security threats next year.

Microsoft May Again Seek in Yahoo Acquisition

Microsoft has reportedly signed a non-disclosure agreement, alongside several private equity firms, around a potential acquisition of Yahoo.

Wikileaks to Stop Publishing Classified Files

Wikileaks is set to stop publishing classified files, following a "blockade" by US finance companies.

UK Officials Summon Social Media to Discuss Riots

Representatives of Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry Maker RIM are asked to discuss their products' usage by perpetrators of the disruptions.

Google's Motorola Mobility Buy Raises Android Issues

Can other handset makers trust Google for fair treatment if the software maker owns a hardware vendor?

IPad Could Lose Popularity 'If Other Devices Were Cheaper'

Rival manufacturers to Apple's iPad tablet could increase their market share by dropping prices, but they will need to fight hard.