Google, Twitter Tools Helped Protests

British students coordinated their recent mass demonstrations using social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

SAP: We Will Push All Useful Data to Mobile Devices

SAP has vowed to make all data from its systems that would be useful on the move available on mobile devices.

Facebook Poses Mobile Working 'Security Threat'

Remote staff using Facebook are seen as the biggest security and productivity threat to mobile working, according to research.

Gartner: Start Now to Ditch Windows XP by 2012

Businesses should test Microsoft Windows 7 this year, in order to orchestrate a move away from Windows XP by 2012.

Google 'Phasing Out' Windows Over Security Concerns

Google is moving its employees off the Microsoft Windows operating system as part of efforts to improve security, it has been reported.

Microsoft Claims Office 2010 is Simplest

Microsoft touts easy access to data from PCs, laptops, and mobile devices in its update.

Wikimedia Child Porn Row Escalates

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia, has revoked some his site founder's privileges after contributors protested that he had deleted images of children without warning.

Online Shoppers Still Don't Get Security, Research Shows

Security concerns aren't deterring online shoppers, but they still don't know how to protect themselves, study reveals.

Green Tech Loses Priority in Cash Crunch

Businesses are taking a hiatus from green IT to put priority on direct cost-cutting, Gartner says.

Open Source Gains Momentum in Business

Researchers report rapid growth for open source software in enterprises.


UK Businesses Waste PC Power, Study Says

The Alliance to Save Energy urges a change in attitude and practices of leaving systems on at night.

Put Twitter to Work

Gartner offers a business guide to Twitter as a useful resource but security risk.

Tech Centers Go Green Despite Cuts

IT departments continue to boost spending on green initiatives, Forrester reports.

Survey: Who's the Greenest?

The UK leads in green IT strategy, although research reveals that half of European firms are making headway.

Is Patient Data Getting Loose on Thumb Drives?

Doctors are carrying unencrypted patient data on portable storage devices, a London study warns.