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Lex uses a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 5, an iPad mini, a Kindle 3, a TiVo HD, and a treadmill desk, and loves them all. His latest book, a children's book parody for adults, is called "The Kid in the Crib." Lex lives in New Jersey with his wife and three young kids.

Fix This App: Apple's Cards

Apple's Cards app doesn't quite live up to the standards of its other mobile offerings. But that doesn't mean this card creation tool couldn't improve with a few changes.

Which cloud storage service is best: Google Drive, Dropbox, or SkyDrive?

A comparison of the three cloud storage and sync services.

TechHive: Hands on with SkyDrive


You now can use SkyDrive on your Windows or Mac desktop, access files on your PC from anywhere, increase your storage, and better access your files from Windows Phone and iOS.

Hands on with SkyDrive

SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud storage solution that's more than a bit similar to Dropbox. Lex Friedman profiles what's available in SkyDrive following the latest upgrade from Microsoft.

Fix This App: Draw Something

Even an app that can be the focal point of a $200 million acquisition by Zynga could stand to see a few improvements.

A simple fix for when your iPhone won't charge

Someone very close to staff writer Lex Friedman started having issues with an iPhone refusing to take a charge after a small liquid incident. The fix, in this case, turned out to be simple.

Apple Offers Standalone Flashback Removal Tool

Fear your Mac has the Flashback malware installed, but you aren't running Java? You'll want to grab Apple's standalone removal tool.

Concord Keystone Eco NautiCase for iPhone 4/4S

The Eco NautiCase offers splash and dirt protection, but it also makes your iPhone a bit tougher to use.

Free up space on your iOS device

As apps are getting larger, space on iOS devices is becoming increasingly cramped. Here are several ways to squeeze the most storage possible out of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.