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Lex uses a MacBook Pro, an iPhone 5, an iPad mini, a Kindle 3, a TiVo HD, and a treadmill desk, and loves them all. His latest book, a children's book parody for adults, is called "The Kid in the Crib." Lex lives in New Jersey with his wife and three young kids.

Belkin Receiver Turns Any Stereo Into a Bluetooth Speaker

Belkin on Wednesday unveiled its new Bluetooth Music Receiver, a $50 device that lets you wirelessly stream music from your iPhone or iPod to your stereo. Since...

iVideoCamera Lets Older iPhones Record Video

iPhone video recording isn't just for 3GS owners or jailbreaks anymore; a recent App Store addition brings iPhone video recording to the masses.

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Chore Bank for IPhone

Apple's iPhone ads frequently make the claim that, whatever task you want to be able to accomplish, "there's an app for that." Sometimes, though, software shows...

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Hanukkah Apps for IPhone

Hanukkah is as fun to celebrate as it is difficult to spell. This year, why not incorporate your iPhone into your enjoyment of the Festival of Lights? When you...

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Command and Conquer: Red Alert for IPhone

Command and Conquer: Red Alert started life as a PC and console game, and even came to the Mac. Developed by Electronic Arts, the new iPhone version of the game...

Dropbox for IPhone

Dropbox offers a cool service that lets you store and sync files online, so that they're accessible from multiple computers. (Macworld editor-in-chief Jason...

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Adobe Dropping Flash Support for Older Macs

Were Macworld prone to tabloid-style controversy, we might use this paragraph to boldly declare that Adobe is dropping Mac support for Flash!

Touch Pets Dogs for IPhone

Touch Pets Dogs is a beautiful, clever, Tamagotchi-style game for the iPhone era. The game is well-conceived, fun to play, and painfully cute. Unfortunately, the...

IPhone Finally Set to Launch in Israel

The land of milk and honey will soon be the land of milk, honey, and Steve Jobs's favorite pet project. After what seems like 40 long years wandering in the...

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Tethering Officially Comes to the IPhone in Australia

You remember this classic Men At Work song, right?

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Aqua Globs for IPhone

If you love Flight Control... Well, I can't promise you'll love Aqua Globs, a $1 game from Qwiboo--but you'll certainly recognize it!

Apple Sued for Alleged Infringement Over IPhone Camera

St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants is suing Apple, claiming that the iPhone infringes upon several digital camera patents.

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Google Launches Free Public DNS

Google already controls my Internet searches, my e-mail, my calendar, my documents, my phone number, and my weird, lots-of-people-talking-at-once-thing. So it...

Fring Update Brings One-way Video Chat to IPhone

So much technology today--the iPhone, video chatting, the whole Internet--truly makes it feel like we're living in the future, as chronologically impossible as...

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Tweetie 2 for IPhone

Loren Brichter is a genius. When Brichter, the sole proprietor behind software company Atebits, announced that the sequel to his popular iPhone Twitter client...

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