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Airlock Uses Your IPhone to Secure Your Mac

The MHA, a Kentucky-based software company with a name that can be tough to work into sentences, released Airlock on Tuesday. Airlock unlocks your Mac when you...

Google Chrome for Mac Beta Will Lack Several Features

TechCrunch is reporting that in order to meet a self-imposed end-of-year deadline for the beta release of the Chrome Web browser for Mac, Google is trimming...

Gomi for IPhone

Gomi is a cute and colorful game for iPhone and iPod touch with unique, if tiresome, gameplay. You control the titular character, a Muppet-esque colorful ball...

NBA Live for IPhone

NBA Live, a $10 game from EA Sports, continues EA's march to port all its major sports titles (Madden, Tiger Woods, FIFA) to the iPhone. You might think it could...

Geared for IPhone

Geared, a $1 game from developer Bryan Mitchell with a free lite counterpart, is a clever puzzle game for the iPhone. You're presented with two already-placed...

Quip for IPhone

Quip, a $1 app from Addy Mobile, aims to let you send photos to your friends' cell phones without counting against your MMS quota. Once you've purchased the app...

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CatPaint IPhone App Adds Cats to Any Photo

Are your photographs suffering from a decided feline shortage? There's a cat for that.

JunoWallet GiftCards for IPhone

JunoWallet GiftCards, a free iPhone app from Junobe, aims to help you keep track of all those plastic gift cards you've accumulated. And while it does a passable...

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Apple Reverses Decision, Approves Caricature App

I debated whether the headline for this story should be about the fact that Apple has now approved Bobble-Rep, an app that the company had previously rejected...

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Storm8 Says Phone-number Lawsuit Lacks Merit

On Monday, we covered a pending class-action lawsuit filed against Storm8, developer of numerous popular iPhone games. The suit alleges that Storm8's games used...

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Apple Releases Safari 4.0.4 Update

You're going to have restart your Mac again. Apple on Wednesday released Safari 4.0.4, an update that addresses "performance, stability, and security."

Family Guy for IPhone

When you spot the Family Guy app from Fox Mobile Entertainment in the App Store, the question is pretty simple: Is it freakin' sweet?

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Google Offers Free Holiday Wi-Fi at Airports

You're stuck in an airport terminal, desperate to check your e-mail, but your iPhone's battery is dead from having watched the entire 1980's classic Short...

Apple Rejects App Because of Politician Caricatures

You a fan of Mad Libs? Try this one on for size: Apple on [day] rejected an iPhone app devoted to [phrase] for [ridiculous reason].

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Lawsuit Claims IPhone Games Stole Phone Numbers

Browse the App Store for developer Storm8's many popular iPhone games, and you'll encounter the same message over and over again: "The item you've requested is...