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Update fixes Verizon iPhone 5 data glitch; customers won't be charged for overages

Apple late Sunday released a carrier update for the Verizon iPhone 5 that corrects an issue where the phone could erroneously use cellular data while connected to a Wi-Fi network. Customers won't be responsible for unintended cellular data overages incurred because of the now-fixed flaw.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: We're 'extremely sorry' for iOS 6 Maps frustration

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday posted a public letter addressing the ongoing iOS 6 Maps brouhaha.

iPhone 5 comes to regional carriers in the U.S. on Friday

Several regional wireless providers will start selling the iPhone 5 on Friday, with nTelos among the few to announce pricing for Apple's new phone.

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iOS App Review: Your kids will love Toca Band, but you might not

Toca Band is another app from Toca Boca that your kids will love. But because it requires less creativity, and its music gets mind-numbingly repetitive, you might feel differently.

Apple updates Cards, GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, more for iOS

Apple on Wednesday unleashed a homescreen's worth of app updates for iOS.

Apple releases OS X 10.8.2 with Facebook integration, Save As improvements, more

Apple on Wednesday released Mac OS X 10.8.2, with Facebook integration and numerous other improvements.

Apple releases iOS 6

As promised, Apple on Wednesday released iOS 6, the newest version of its operating system for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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iPhone 5

Apple introduces the iPhone 5

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Apple announces iPhone 5

As was widely expected, Apple on Wednesday unveiled the iPhone 5, the newest entrant into its smartphone lineup.

How the new Kindle Fires impact the tablet landscape

Amazon on Thursday introduced a variety of new Kindle Fires. We take a look at how those tablets compare with Apple's iPad and Google's Nexus 7.

TechHive: Updates to iOS, Android Facebook Apps Offer Plenty to Like


IOs version is rewritten from the ground up; Android users get a faster uploading flow for sharing new photos and more.

Updates to iOS, Android Facebook apps offer plenty to like

Facebook updated its iOS and Android apps. The iOS version is now twice as fast as the previous incarnation, the company says; the Android version gains a better photo uploading interface and the ability to create events.

Mophie's Juice Pack Pro couples a battery with serious rugged protection

Mophie took its Juice Pack Plus case and coupled it with a seriously rugged, water, dust, and impact resistant shell. As you might expect, there are tradeoffs.