Mobile payments expected to hit $100 billion in 2016

The total value spend of NFC mobile payments will rise to $191 billion in 2017, breaking the $100 billion mark in 2016.

Android Wins in Smartphone Sales Surge

Games Console Sales Decline

Portable game players took a bigger hit, but game console sales declined in 2010 from the previous year.

Samsung Owns 20 Percent of TV Market

Samsung held the largest market share of all flat-panel TVs (including LCD, LED and plasma) with nearly 20 percent in the first three quarters of 2010.


26 Exabytes of Data Traffic in 2010

As smartphones and app downloads redefine the end-user mobile experience mobile carriers are facing a mobile data traffic boom that is rippling through their networks.

Android Likely to Crush Nokia-Microsoft, Analyst Says

Smartphone shipments grew 71 percent 2009-2020, and Android leads the non-Apple field.

93% of Tablets Sold Are iPads

4.5 million tablet PCs shipped during the third quarter of 2010. Of those, about 93 percent were Apple iPads.