Tablets Forecast to Hit 11 Million This Year

Apple's iPad will lead sales, but the estimates of tablet sales keep climbing.


Mobile Video Revenue to Top $2 Billion in 2013

Consumers' appetite for mobile infotainment is expected to drive apps in video telephony, video messaging, and video-on-demand.

Goodbye PC Cards, Hello USB Wireless Modems

USB modems are now the most popular wireless modem devices, rushing past old favorites such as PC cards

Wi-Fi Forecast to Fly High This Year

More than 770 million units of Wi-Fi gear are likely to ship in 2010, up almost 33 percent compared to 2009.

Apple Fans-Only Dating Service Launched

Cupidtino is a new dating service just for Mac fans.

The Rise of the Smart, Connected TV

The estimated 19 percent of flat-panel TVs shipping with Ethernet in 2010 will grow to 46 percent in 2013.


Smartbooks Expected to Prove Popular by 2015

A new research study estimates that 163 million "smartbooks" will ship worldwide in 2015 - a significant rate of growth.


Apple iPad Set to Trigger Huge Tablet Market, say ABI Research

Apple's iPad launch marks the start of a new market segment for media tablets that - according to analysts at ABI Research - will see four million units shipped...


Smartphone Security Next Big Thing

Businesses worried about stolen handsets and any customers concerned about malware will demand mobile security features.


Porn Scams Target Smartphones

A variation on the "Trojan Dialers" of the early Internet now threatens to rack up cell phone charges.


Social Network Terms Go Mainstream

Oxford research finds tech terms have expanded our vocabulary in unexpected ways.

2010's Top Security Threats: Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone Apps

Users of social networks like Facebook and Twitter will see increasing security threats in 2010, security vendor predicts.


Google, Microsoft Bing Deals Benefit Twitter

Most prolific tweeter sees partnerships as a needed boost to the microblogging site.

Apple Dominates Product Searches Online

The most sought-after tech gifts in the UK are made by Apple, according to Web search statistics.