Mobile WiMAX Gains Momentum

A handful of WiMAX service providers account for most of the nearly 2 million mobile WiMAX subscribers expected by the end of 2009.

Apple Tablet will be Big Hit, Analyst Says

The timing's right, IDC says: mobile devices will skyrocket and Apple will be along for the ride.


Meet the World's Most Expensive iPhone

British designer Stuart Hughes has created an iPhone costing a cool $3.2 million.


Smartphones are Getting Cheaper, Study Shows

Smartphone prices are falling as shipments increase, so a larger percentage fall into the budget price category this year.

More Smartphones Than Desktop PCs by 2011

Smartphone sales will surpass worldwide PC sales by the end of 2011, says a report.


Snow Leopard: Which Apps Won't Run?

As the new OS is installed on more and more Macs tales of incompatibilities are starting to emerge.


iTunes Sells 24% of All U.S. Music

Apple dominates digital music by an even bigger margin, fending off longstanding and newcomer services.


Kindle's Success Encourages E-Paper

Adoption of digital paper is expected to increase rapidly, research reports.


A Peek at the Microsoft Store Logo

The colorful new logo is apparently part of Microsoft's new retail identity as it follows Apple in opening stores.

Facebook: A Billion-Dollar Business?

Netscape founder Marc Andreesseen, who is launching a venture fund, expects great things from the social network pioneer.

Twitter Suggested for Nobel Peace Prize

Twitter and its creators should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize for their role during recent civil unrest in Iran, says a former Bush aide.


Net Users Trust Comments as Much as Brand Reviews

Study finds that brand websites are trusted by as many people (70 percent) as consumer opinions posted online.

Gunfire at Apple Store in D.C. Suburb Leaves One Injured

Armed robbery attempt near Washington, D.C., ends in gunshot injury and sets off police search for the bandit, who was seen wearing a fake beard.

Apple IPhone 3G S Vs Nokia N97: The U.K. Perspective

Two 3G touchscreen smartphones from the most searched for mobile phone brands in the UK - Apple and Nokia - go head to head.


Bigger Loss: Cell Phone or Wallet?

40% Would Rather Lose Wallet Than Mobile Phone