Facebook Wins the Social Network War

The battle between MySpace and Facebook? It's over.

Brits Focus their Internet Time on a Few Sites

10 sites account for half of all time spent online by Britons, Nielsen research reveals.

Marketing Experts Don't 'Get' Twitter

Two-thirds of marketing experts have admitted that they don't understand social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook despite agreeing that it is here to...

iPhone Dubbed 'Most Useful' Smartphone

British iPhone users are four times more likely to surf as users of other smartphone, a ComScore study reports.

Smartphones Win with 'Coolness Factor'

iPhone, BlackBerry Storm, HTC G1 and other cool gadgets with deals rake in the cash for carriers.

Apple's Embarrassing MacBook Mistake

Company's site misspelled the word "MacBook"--and the error sat online for weeks.

Security Worries Stall Mobile Shopping

Concern about security still stops consumers from shopping via smartphones or other mobile devices, studies show.

Twitter: Tweet Ads Are on Their Way

Twitter is the fastest growing social-networking site, but its popularity could be tripped up by news that the most popular tweets could soon be carrying advertising.

Mac Fans Fume about Updated Desktops

Upgraded specs with little else disappoint the faithful; some threaten PC-switch.

Mobile Internet Search Use Jumps 14 Percent

The consumption of mobile data services, including search, has steadily increased year over year as indicated by the use of...

Mobile Application Buyers Spend Big

A survey of U.S. smartphone users who installed applications on their mobile devices in 2008 reveals that a surprising 16.5 percent spent between $100 and $499.

Most Brits are on Broadband

UK efforts to promote broadband connections result in nearly 100 percent service.

Mobile Gadgets may Beat Both Phones, Netbooks

Wireless, mobile Internet devices could usurp use of both iPhones and Netbooks, research suggests.

Google Street View Car Plows Down Deer

Google's car used to capture mapping data for Google Maps Street Views hit a deer. The incident was captured in Google Street Views for all to see.

Internet Traffic Shifts to Social Networks

As much as 10% of British surfers are on a social networking site at any given time, a study shows.