Internet Population Hits 1 Billion

ComScore World Metrix reports the global Internet audience surpassed 1 billion visitors in December 2008 -- where are they all coming from?

Beatles Music Online at Last

After years of legal squabbles with digital download services such as Apple's iTunes, the music of The Beatles can now be legally downloaded.

Amazon's MP3s Beat Apple's iTunes

DRM-free iTunes? Just a rumor. And a new review claims that Amazon MP3s are much better anyway.


Mac Celebs Dis BlackBerry Storm

RIM BlackBerry Storm characterized as "shockingly bad" and "head-bangingly frustrating."

1 Million Androids May be Sold by Year's End

Google Android phone maker HTC predicts blockbuster sales.

Brits Boost Online Shopping

British companies have seen a jump of 30 Percent in online sales over 2007, new figures show.

EA Sports Looks to Take on Nintendo's Wii Fit

Hoping to gymnastically leap onto the phenomenal success of Nintendo's Wii Fit game system, Electronic Arts is to launch its own EA Sports Active game next year.

Could Smartphones Kill In-Car GPS Systems?

The day of the in-car satnav may be over, with GPS smartphones like the Apple iPhone 3G outsripping their sales.

Microsoft Discontinues Windows... 3.x

If you're hurting that Microsoft will soon discontinue Windows XP, you may take heart in the fact that the company has only just put an end to Windows 3.x.

Hasselblad Readies 60-megapixel Camera

Camera-maker ships a 50-megapixel model with large sensor to support true full-frame digital photography.


Broadband Households Hit 56% in UK

Price drops help boost subscriptions, as 13.8 million Britons sign up for broadband at home, survey reveals.

Pope Blasts Internet, Violent Video Games

Violence isn't entertainment, Pope Benedict XVI tells a youth gathering.

Police Step in as London Apple Store Closes Early

Flanked by police officers, Apple staff closed the London Apple Store Friday in the middle of the afternoon.


Apple IPhone Shames Smartphones

ComScore discovered that the iPhone has increased mobile Internet consumption by as much as 13 times.