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Liane Cassavoy is a veteran technology and business journalist. She contributes regularly to PCWorld and has written about business issues and products for Entrepreneur Magazine and other publications. She is the author of two business start-up guides published by Entrepreneur Press.

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PostPost cuts through the clutter on Twitter, bringing you topics, links, photos, and videos that are personally relevant to you.

Top 20 Mobile Web Sites and Services

Apps, schmaps. Who needs to download anything when these mobile sites and services offer fast information and entertainment right in your mobile browser?

Mobile Search Face-Off: Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo

We put three Android mobile search apps from Bing, Google, and Yahoo to the test to find out which one delivers the most useful information on shopping, movies, restaurants, general search, and more.


PlayLater Lets You Watch Your Shows on the Web--And In Your Own Sweet Time

Watch your favorite shows and videos whenever you want with PlayLater.

Identify Twitter Trends With Quantum Leap Buzz's Pattern-Based Analytics

Quantum Leap Buzz lets you dig deeper on Twitter to find out what all the buzz is about.

Keep Kids Safe Online--And on Mobile Phones--With uKnowKids can be expensive, but this service offers plenty of tools for keeping your kids safe.

Back Up Your Online Files With SocialFolders

Free SocialFolders makes it easy to create offline copies of your online data.

Seesmic Desktop Manages More Social Networks Than You Knew Existed

Seesmic Desktop 2 offers a host of tools for managing many, many social media accounts.

Imo Instant Messenger Delivers More Features in a Thin Slice of Screen Space

Imo's Web messenger offers useful ways to connect with your contacts across multiple messaging services.

Twitter Client Blu Takes Just a Little Desktop Space

Blu is a small but slick desktop client for managing your Twitter account.

CloudMagic Brings Swift Gmail/Twitter Search to iOS and Android Apps

CloudMagic's super-speedy search has gone mobile, in the form of apps for iOS and Android devices. Twitter App for Ashton Kutcher Fans

Ashton Kutcher is the name behind--and plastered all over--this free, third-party Twitter app.

Manage Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter With Sobees Desktop

Sobees Desktop is still in beta, and it shows, but this social media manager shows plenty of promise, too.

Manage Twitter and Facebook Accounts With TweetDeck

A longtime favorite of Twitter power users, TweetDeck provides a comprehensive set of management tools.

TwitScoop Shows Tag Cloud of "Hot" Twitter Topics

Want to stay on top of Twitter's hot topics? TwitScoop promises to help you do exactly that...buts its ideas of important topics may not match yours.