Sony Hacker Arrests: 5 Questions

Will the arrests in Spain stop the cyberattacks? Or will they simply stir the Anonymous hornet’s nest?

Fruit Ninja Game for Xbox Kinect Means Life-Size Tasty Slicing

Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja races over to the Microsoft Kinect this summer. Practice your warrior moves on console and, soon, on Facebook.

Evernote Releases First App To Use iPad2 Smart Cover

A new app from Evernote turns your tablet into a flashcard viewer

Greenpeace Campaign Makes Online Trouble Between Barbie and Ken

Ken "dumps" Barbie on Facebook over Mattel's use of rainforest-sourced cardboard.

11 Ways Groupon’s IPO Could Benefit You

Groupon wants to raise $750 million. What’s in it for us?

Hackers’ Latest Target: Google Gmail Accounts, Defense Contractors, Mac Users

Meanwhile, new Mac Defender variant shows up within hours of Apple’s security fix, and Northrop Grumman gets hacked. When will it end?

Apple Releases Mac Defender Security Update--Everybody Relax!

Snow Leopard update deletes malware, launches daily update feature, but can’t make every Mac user instantly smarter.

Dancing in Apple Retail Stores? This Time in Protest

A group that seeks to draw attention to corporations that shelter profits overseas to cut their U.S. income tax burden is organizing protests for June 4 at Apple stores.

Facebook Study: Truth Behind FB Profile Photos Reveals...

Facebook profile photos become a revealing personal statement… sorta

Intel Shrugs at Tablets' Potential to Mess Up PC, Notebook Sales

But if Apple or Sony wanted to partner on custom processors, the chipmaker ‘wouldn't blink,' its CFO says.

Laptops and Game Consoles Could Replace Set-Top Boxes in Comcast Test

Cable giant proposes to beat AT&T's U-Verse and other rivals with their own technology for regular and on-demand programming.


Samsung Must Give Apple Samples and Specs for Galaxy, Infuse Phones and Tabs

A court order in Apple’s patent infringement lawsuit is forcing Samsung to turn over details of their upcoming product line.

Will 'Groupon Fatigue' Doom the Daily-Deals Business?

Confession: I can't find e-mail from my family among all the deal offers I get. And I spent $149 and saved $45. How smart am I?

Gaggle of Lady Gaga Fans to Descend on FarmVille

Zynga's line of Facebook games is the next frontier in Lady Gaga's digital empire

Stop the Presses: Department of Justice Wants More Wireless Location Tracking

Al Franken grills Apple, Google about location snooping, while Department of Justice says it’s a swell idea and wants to require it.