Google I/O Mega-Conference Starts Tuesday: No Ticket? No Problem

Although the developer action is in San Francisco, here's all you need to know to be clued-in on Google's announcements and workshops, wherever you are.


Flipboard iPad App Doubles Users, Triples Traffic In Two Months

Speed improvement in the app and the launch of Apple's iPad2 bring 8 to 9 million daily "flips" by users.


Does Anybody Still Give a #(^&! About Net Neutrality?

FCC head defends against charges of “regulating everything.” Can we all talk about something else besides net neutrality now?

Rent-to-Own PCs Watch Their Users Via Webcam?

A lawsuit filed this week alleges that Aaron's, Inc. and other rental firms capture screenshots and snapshots of unsuspecting customers using Webcams while renters use the PCs.


Your DVR is Safe: Dish Network Pays $500 Million to Tivo

Seven years of Dish-TiVo lawsuits are finally over with a huge payout to Tivo.


Peculiar Places to Park Your iPhone or iPad: Offbeat Docks and Stands

These crazy stands and docks are made from Legos, dinosaurs, old Macs, and even cheese. What will they think of next?


Newest Internet Meme: Royal Wedding Flower Girl Upstages Kate and Wills

Let this be a lesson to celebrities and publicity hounds everywhere.

What Does Sony Owe Consumers After PSN Nightmare?

The massive data security mop-up is up to individual consumers but Sony may still be on the hook.

Why Was Yahoo So Hot To Acquire iPhone App Maker IntoNow?

Hint: It’s the commercials, not the TV shows, that Yahoo finds most engaging.


Google Says: 'If You Can’t Buy Groupon, Beat 'Em'

Google Offers, the search giant's daily deal program, to launch in Portland, Oregon, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who's Screwing You Over on Privacy Issues? Pretty Much Everybody

When the government comes knocking, who has your back on privacy issues? Hardly anyone, reports the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


T-Mobile Turns Facebook Chat Into Free Phone Calls With New Bobsled App

The application, called Bobsled, allows you to call friends from within Facebook.


Apple Sues Samsung Over Similarities in Mobile Products

Apple's federal court suit claims the Galaxy line of phones and tablets borrows too much from Apple products.


Apple Slapped with Class Action Lawsuit Over In-App Purchases

Apple sued by angry parent for pushing Smurfberries and other game currency.


Gmail Now Allows You to Personalize Your Account with Your Own Photos

Don't like the standard Gmail themes? Dress up your e-mail account with your own digital photographs.