Resistance Is Futile: Tablets Are Category Killers Across the Board

Neglecting your desktop or laptop for your new tablet? You're not alone.

First Look at New Windows App Store Via Leaked Screenshots

Leaked screens show the integration of the new app store with Windows 8 and include Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office...and Angry Birds.


Sony to Launch Streaming Music on PSP

Are 6 million tunes enough to keep PSP fans from jumping ship to the 3DS?


Did a Glass Shortage Slow the Arrival of the RIM BlackBerry Playbook Tablet?

We know that Apple's iPad 2 sales are whomping laptop purchases, but could the iPad 2 have had an effect on the BlackBerry PlayBook?

Is Your Apple iPhone Sneaking Photos of You?

Some users report that their front-facing camera in their iPhone takes photos of them--that they haven't initiated--when using FaceTime.


Dish-Blockbuster Deal Could Allow Us to Admire Their Cool TV Tech in One Place

Will we flock to old Blockbuster sites to find out what Dish is dishing up for us with their TV on the go initiatives and products?


Breached E-Mail Marketer Sends Billions of E-Mails a Year

If you were caught up in the recent Epsilon e-mail breach, consider this. The e-mail marketer sends out 40 billion e-mails a year for its clients--or about six for every person on the planet.

Google Maps Update Adds Location History Dashboard

Google adds a location history dashboard to Google Maps 5.3 for Android allowing you to visual see where you spend most of your time.

MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals First Peek of Thunderbolt

The iFixit crew dismantled the new MacBook Pro giving the world the first glimpse at the lightning fast Thunderbolt technology under the hood.