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Loyd Case first started writing about PC technology for Computer Gaming World, giving him a creative outlet for his obsession about PC performance. The PC industry -- and Loyd -- have never been quite the same since.

Maingear EX-L 15 Gaming Laptop Review: A Hefty, High-Performance Mobile System

Maingear builds a GeForce GTX 485 GPU into a second-generation Core i7 system. The result should please gamers on the go.

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Sony VAIO F-Series With 3D

Sony includes Nvidia’s 3D Vision with its latest 16-inch laptop, but it’s more attuned to stereoscopic movies than to games.

How to Upgrade Your Graphics Card

Give your desktop PC more oomph by swapping in a new graphics board.

Digital Storm xm15 Gaming System

The surprisingly light xm15 builds in Nvidia’s Optimus technology, but gaming performance is modest at best.


Windows Networking: Troubleshooting Tips

Multi-PC households are the norm, but making systems connect to one another can be frustrating. Here are ideas for overcoming Windows networking problems.

Asus G73SW: A High-End Gaming Laptop Without the High-End Price

The Asus G73SW offers robust gaming performance while sacrificing only a little eye candy. And the price is right, too.

Fujitsu Lifebook T580: Tablet Computing at a Price

The Lifebook T580 offers Windows 7 Tablet PC capability, but the price is too steep for what you actually get.

AVADirect Clevo P151HM: 15-Inch Gaming Powerhouse Brings DX11 to the Midrange Class

AVADirect’s Clevo P151HM brings a robust GPU and solid gaming performance to the 15-inch category of laptops, but at the cost of added weight and bulk.

Dell XPS 17 3D: Speedy, and in Stereo

Dell updates its XPS 17 laptop with Intel’s latest 32nm CPU and Nvidia stereoscopic 3D, offering speed and visual improvements.

Build a 3D Home Theater PC With Sandy Bridge

Follow our advice to construct your own 3D-ready home theater PC based on Intel's newest CPU line.

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Micro Express NBL26: Mostly Unremarkable

Micro Express manages to ship a staggeringly average laptop using Intel’s new Sandy Bridge CPUs.

HP Envy 17 3D: 3D Movies on the Go

HP brings stereoscopic 3D to the Envy 17 laptop, offering an excellent 3D experience with Blu-ray movies. Gaming in 3D needs work, however.

Dell XPS 17

Dell’s latest iteration of the XPS 17 brings an understated look and discrete graphics to the premium XPS lineup.

All About Video Codecs and Containers

Figuring out which codec and container format to use for your video masterpiece can be confusing. Here's how to pick the right combination.

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Samsung SF510: Sleek Design but Ho-Hum Features and Value

Under a slick-looking white exterior beats a decidedly average and somewhat overpriced package of components.