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Loyd Case first started writing about PC technology for Computer Gaming World, giving him a creative outlet for his obsession about PC performance. The PC industry -- and Loyd -- have never been quite the same since.

The GPU Streamlines Video Creation

An AMD Radeon GPU can significantly accelerate conversion of video to a format ready for YouTube, a laptop or an iPhone.

Accelerating Digital Photography Editing With Your GPU

An AMD Radeon GPU might be the solution to agonizingly slow manipulation of large image files.

Asus Eee PC 1215N Netbook Review

Asus tweaks its large netbook, adding a dual-core Atom CPU with hyperthreading support, but price and size compete squarely with entry-level ultraportables.

Samsung RF710 17-Inch Laptop: Capable, Attractive, and Unexciting

Samsung’s 17.3-inch desktop replacement notebook offers a tasty mix of ingredients, but the final recipe seems a little bland.

Laptop Gaming: Optimize Performance on Portable PCs

Most mainstream laptops have modest CPUs and weak graphics cards. Here's how to tune your games for the best laptop gaming.

The Supercomputer Inside Your PC

Tired of staring at a frozen computer while uploading digital images or video? GPU to the rescue.

The Third Dimension Revealed

A GPU turns your computer display into a window on true-to-life 3D worlds both realistic and fantastical

Surround Computing

AMD GPUs with built-in AMD Eyefinity technology make it affordable and easy to set up multiple monitors. Say goodbye to window toggling.

11 Uses for an Old PC

Just because you bought a new PC doesn't mean you have to throw away the old one. Here's how to make the most of an older computer.

Asus K72DR-A1: A Meat-and-Potatoes Desktop Replacement

Asus delivers surprisingly robust multimedia capabilities in its budget desktop replacement laptop, but the overall performance is somewhat disappointing.

Dell Latitude 13: Thin and Sexy, but Range-Limited

Dell’s sleek Latitude 13 offers a great keyboard and a decent display, but poor battery life may make it a bad choice for business travelers.

Clean the Crud From Your PC

Your PC will slow down over time. Here's how to clean it up without having to reinstall Windows or reformat your hard drive.

New Tech Goes Beyond Megapixel Displays Using Multiple Projectors

A new projector-based technology could make using multiple monitors more useful and more practical by eliminating the annoying bezels between panes.

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Browser GPU Acceleration: Navigating the Standards Minefield

GPU acceleration promises to speed up the next generation of browsers, but competing standards from a plethora of competitors pose considerable hurdles.

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Nvidia’s CUDA to Support x86 Processors

Applications that use Nvidia's CUDA technology are no longer limited to running on the GPU.

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